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Desert Rose

Desert Rose is the Studio located in the rear of the building. The entrance for this studio is on the right hand side in the gangway.

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Below is a direct line to your Artist.

Amber Kogut is an artist originally from Buffalo, NY and has been living in St. Louis since January of 2016. She has 8 years worth of experience, is always looking to expand her knowledge of the arts, and can handle various styles of tattooing. Her main focus is black work and dotwork, but regardless if you are looking for something bold, delicate, black and grey, color, or somewhere in between, she is more than willing to work with you to create a one of a kind piece.



With more than 21 years of experience, Aidan has roots in traditional tattooing but also blends his style with kawaii, the natural world, and a love of classic Disney and folk art. He has tattooed from the East Coast (Boston, New York) to up and down the West Coast (San Francisco, Santa Cruz, LA, and San Diego) which has added a flavor to his work. He currently splits his time between St. Louis and California.

He is focused on his style and pushing himself and giving each tattoo 100%. .