Keychain Club

Ragtime Tattoo isn’t for everyone. I often joke that it is a place to get your second tattoo. If you have gotten tattooed at the shop you know we don’t advertise, we don’t have a phone and our store front is dark with little signage. Most people find us by a referral from existing clients. Our clients have helped to preserve the uniqueness of the shop by sending us people who are ready to think outside the box. You are what makes Ragtime so special. You bring us IDEAS not images. In doing so you have taken a part of the ownership and direction of RAGTIME TATTOO!

Ragtime Tattoo is starting its own Keychain Club. It’s very Simple. We are going to sell a “Client in Good Standing” keychain. When you purchase your keychain, you will also get an exclusive Coffee Mug and T-shirt. The Keychains will be numbered so you can be registered for future events and exclusive product sales. As a bonus, if you lose your keys they can be returned to the shop and we can find the owners!

The Keychain Club will be ready by the end of September. Please take a second to fill out the field below to help stay in formed on the Keychain Club.

Thank you!
Matt Hodel
Ragtime Tattoo