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The Tattoo Shop Serious Collectors call Home.

Getting tattoos at Ragtime is like hanging out with old friends.  Stop screwing around with artist that ignore you.

At Ragtime Tattoo Studio, you can finally bring to life the tattoo that has been lingering in your mind and also surpassing your expectations. Discover an artist who will not only create a masterpiece but become your trusted partner for a lifetime of tattoo experiences. Join a shop that genuinely understands your unique vision and desires, eliminating the frustration of being jerked around by ego-driven rock star tattoo artists. Say goodbye to lackluster tattoos that fail to ignite excitement, as Ragtime ensures that each piece reflects your passion. Here, you won't be pressured to step outside your comfort zone, as we respect your boundaries and strive to make every tattoo experience a positive one.

Be Heard


Get the tattoo you had stuck in your head but better.  During your consultation, we will actively listen to your idea and help turn it into a visual story.

Feel Welcomed


Be apart of a shop that understands you. At Ragtime, our regulars have become our friends. Even when we aren't tattooing, we care about our clients.

Get Tattooed


Find an artist you can work with for life.  Getting a tattoo is more than a business transaction.  The journey of getting tattooed requires trust and mutual respect between artist and client.


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Get the tattoo you deserve.

Be Honest. Are you having trouble:

  • Feeling pressured to conform to the artist's style instead of having your individuality respected?
  • Finding a lack of personalized attention and support throughout the tattoo process?
  • Dealing with unresponsive or unprofessional tattoo studios that make the search for a reliable and supportive shop challenging?
  • Finding a shop that welcomes you?

You Deserve to

Be apart of a shop that understands you.

Ragtime Tattoo Studio's extensive knowledge and expertise make them the go-to choice for tattoo enthusiasts seeking exceptional results. However, what sets Ragtime apart is their awareness towards clients frustrations when trying to get a tattoo.

When a tattoo enthusiast conveys their tattoo ideas they need a shop that actively listens and makes sure every client feels heard and understood. This empathetic approach, coupled with their tattooing skills, creates a collaborative and supportive environment where clients' needs and visions are expertly translated into extraordinary tattoos.

At Ragtime Tattoo Studio, you will discover a perfect harmony of expertise and genuine care, resulting in a tattoo experience that is artistically exceptional and deeply meaningful to you. 

What to avoid when designing your tattoo!

Avoid these Five mistakes people make when creating their own tattoo design.

When your tattoo journey is over, you want to be satisfied with the choices you made.  It is a bad feeling to say "If I could do it all over again"

Nobody is perfect but we have compiled a list of mistakes made by tattoo collectors and we tell you how to avoid them.


Click the link and download your guide to "Getting Tattoos that Work"

Our Clients call Ragtime Home

Clients call Ragtime Tattoo Studio home because it offers more than just a place to get inked—it provides a warm and welcoming community. With a strong emphasis on building lasting relationships, Ragtime becomes a safe haven for tattoo enthusiasts. The studio's artists listen attentively, understand clients' unique ideas, and work tirelessly to bring their visions to life. Ragtime's dedication to exceptional customer service and genuine care creates an environment where clients feel valued, understood, and supported throughout their tattoo journey. Choosing Ragtime means joining a tight-knit family that celebrates individuality, fosters creativity, and ensures that every client feels like they have found their true tattoo home.

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