Prickly Pear

The Prickly Pear Studio is on the main floor of Ragtime Tattoo.  The entrance for Prickly Pear is the gated door.

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A second generation tattoo artist, William is a well-rounded artist who specializes in client request. William’s goal is to help the client tell a story. He has the listening skills that people are looking for. An approachable individual, it is easy to see why he has built up a trusted following. William tattoos out of Ragtime Tattoo in St. Louis, Missouri.


Matt Hodel has 25 years of tattooing experience. Graduating into the industry in the 90’s, his roots of tattooing come from a time when a client’s vague description was what an artist had to rely on for imagery. Using this as his foundation in tattooing, Matt has honed this skill to help clients tell their stories in a visual language. Working with a client to pull out a narrative is what has helped Matt build a strong following in his field.

Taking to the road pre-internet, Matt traveled to Japan, Brazil, Europe, and most of the States to seek out Tattoo Artists working at the top of their game. The knowledge collected from these journeys has been crucial to his craft.


Ryan has over 20 years experience in client relations and tattooing. He has a reputation for be the man you can trust. Reliable and forthcoming, he is going to be the artist you want to walk you through your new project.  If you are looking for an artist to help you sort out your ideas then Ryan is a perfect choice.